Jesus - was He a prophet? A good man? A teacher? A revolutionary? Or a mad-man? Most people have an opinion on who He is and what He is about. Our date system pivots around this man, and there are more paintings, songs and books about this one person than anyone else in history. What is it about Jesus that stirs up so much love and so much hate? Let’s look at some of the facts that lead Christians to believe what they believe.​


Jesus is a historical figure

While there are regularly new documentaries featuring conspiracy theories about Jesus’ existence and life, the fact is that most historical scholars would not dispute that Jesus was a real, historical figure.


Jesus was a man

Jesus performed many miracles while here on earth, yet he was a fully human man. The miracles are proof that God was with Him and had appointed Him to establish God’s rule on earth- where justice, love, mercy and grace reign. Over 300 prophecies found in the Old Testament were fulfilled by Jesus, confirming Him as God’s Saviour of mankind. Jesus lived a real, perfect life. He resisted all of the Devil’s temptations, and perfectly carried out God’s mission of love to the world. Because of this, Jesus did not carry the guilt we all carry before God.


Jesus was crucified

Jesus was innocent and lived a perfect sinless life, but He was crucified anyway. Sounds harsh doesn’t it? It was the plan of God though, carried out by men. God says that the penalty for sin is death. This is why, in the Old Testament, you see God instructing the Israelites to sacrifice a lamb once a year for the forgiveness of their sins. The lamb died in their place. But that was a temporary forgiveness. They had to do this each year.
Jesus came to take the penalty for humanity’s sin, for our sin, once and for all, in our place. Rather than us die and be permanently, eternally separated from God, Jesus paid for our sin on the cross, in order that we could be forever forgiven and have eternal life. As the perfect man He traded His life to satisfy God’s justice against all of mankind’s sin. This is exactly why Jesus came, as our Saviour, to save us from God's judgment, condemnation and payment of our sin. While hanging on the cross, Jesus was aware of any sin we have ever committed, or ever will commit in the future. Jesus took the punishment for our sins for us.


Jesus rose from the dead

Good news! Jesus’ resurrection means that all who trust in Him step into the final victory over death and they will not die eternally. Rather than trusting themselves, or trying to do good things to save them from God’s justice, Christians trust Jesus. That’s what it means to ‘have faith in Jesus’. It also means that all who trust in Him can know God personally and enjoy God’s life for them right now. His rising from the dead proved that He conquered the power of death. All that remains is for people to accept this gift of freedom, of eternal life, from God. After His resurrection, Jesus was seen by over 500 people before He ascended into heaven.


Jesus is fully God

Whether you believe that Jesus is fully God or not, does not change the reality of who He is. The Bible teaches us that He has all the attributes of God; He knows everything, is everywhere, has all power, depends on nothing outside of Himself for life, rules over everything, never began to exist (He has always existed), never will cease to exist, and is our Creator. He is not merely someone who is a lot like God but the Most High God Himself. Jesus is the central message of the Bible, the figure that all of history points to and the focal point of mankind’s future.


Jesus can be known – personally

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have done, your culture or your background, Jesus has promised to give you His Holy Spirit so that you many know Him personally. To become a Christian you simply decide to put your trust in Jesus for salvation rather than in anything else – be it yourself, money, doing good things, or even a religion.  It is Jesus alone who brings life and He is willing to give it to all who simply trust in Him. There is nothing else required of you except simple trust!