CAP walks alongside New Zealanders in debt and poverty. We provide practical support so that you can find freedom and hope! All services are FREE, friendly and focused on the best way to help you, whether you're struggling with debt, unemployment, a life-controlling habit or living on a low income.

10 reasons to choose our friendly CAP team

Money problems and unmanageable debt can happen to anyone - we understand! You're starting to get on top of things, but then the car breaks down... and the kids need money for school camp. Now the power bill is overdue. So, you take out a loan (and then ANOTHER loan...). 

Here are 10 reasons to take the first step:

10. It's FREE and confidential. Don't leave home - we'll come to you!

9. The pressure starts to come off from the first phone call - you're not alone!

8. We'll listen to see how we can help you to do the best for you, your family or your kids.

7. We'll build a liveable budget that puts you and your family’s needs FIRST.

6. A liveable budget means you'll have money for healthy food and essential bills like rent.

5. CAP negotiates with creditors, meaning less hassle from debt collectors and money lenders.

4. Make one regular payment and CAP will distribute it between your creditors.

3. You'll have an expert advisor with long-term support.

2. We provide insolvency services for free if needed.

1. Our friendly team will walk with you until you go debt free.

CAP Te Awamutu Debt Centre

Ray Morris: 027 243 1295

CAP Helpline: 0508 227 111 


You don’t need to live with the stress or worry of unmanageable debt any longer. CAP's FREE Debt Help service starts with a phone call. Our service goes way beyond budget help: you'll get caring support and debt counselling for as long as you need it to go debt free! It costs you nothing to receive CAP’s help, so you can get excited about a future filled with hope and freedom.