We're regathering as of April 10!

Hey Chapel Family,
Big news: as of Sunday 10 April, we’ll be meeting all together as a big church family at the Chapel!
This post outlines a little bit of the detail you might like to know as we transition back to gathering all together as a whole church family.

Key things to note:
  • This Sunday (April 3) will be our last week meeting in our satellite groups
    • We’ve been so blessed by our satellite groups and we’re thankful we’ve had these in place over the past few months – a big thank you to everyone who hosted a group in their home!
  • Next Sunday (April 10), we will be regathering as one whole church family in one place! 
    • This will be for our usual 10.00am service, and we’re pumped!
    • This will include a purposeful morning tea time so we can all make the most of being together again (choccy bikkies, here I come!)

A few additional details:

  • With the use of vaccine passes coming to an end, we will be able to meet with up to 200 people in one space at ‘Red’ settings (limits are removed if we move to ‘Orange’).
  • This means the majority of our church family will be able to be in one place at one time – great!
  • We have a plan in place for any required overflow. This will see us utilize the Lounge as a separate defined space so there will be room for everyone to enjoy the service in person
  • With the shift back to the Chapel, our focus during the services will again be on the in-person gathering
    • This means that the livestream will return to a more simple format for those watching from elsewhere
  • This also means that our Easter services (10.00am Good Friday (Apr 15) and 10.00am Resurrection Sunday (Apr 17)) will be in person at the Chapel – woohoo! We have special services planned and are looking forward to sharing in them together.

We’re so excited to be regathering in this way and trust you’re looking forward to it too. It’s going to be wonderful to see everyone again, and to learn, worship, and fellowship as one!
Please note, that we are aware Covid is still in our community and some of our church family are currently unwell. We appreciate your need to stay home in this case, but please let us know if we can support you in any way.
We also know there are a few of us who would like to be cautious for a little while longer and may not want to participate in a big group for now. We totally understand. We’d love to hear from you and know how you’re getting on. It’d be lovely to connect in some form or another!
See you very soon!
The central Leadership Team