UPDATE: 23/04/20

Hi Chapel family,

We trust you are living well through the lockdown and pray that you have seen God at work around you. We hope you've been able to count all the little blessings and find joy in His presence. 

As you are probably aware, we move into a Alert Level 3 at midnight on Monday. We are thankful for the progress New Zealand is making towards eliminating COVID-19, but we also acknowledge that the move to Level 3 doesn't change much for a lot of us. We want to make clear that, for now, not much will change for us as a church either. We honour our government and submit to their authority so we will continue to meet in online formats only. 

We'll still be live-streaming our Sunday services and the Equip Seminar will continue on Tuesday nights. But we will be finishing up our Daily Devotions tomorrow night (Friday 24).

We encourage you to electronically catch up with your small group (Zoom, Facebook, and Skype all have group video-chat functions!) and keep in contact with others from the Chapel family too. It's safe to say we're all very much looking forward to meeting again in person. But, for now, let's keep praying, keep persevering, and loving each other.

God bless,

The E-Team