At TABC our music caters to a wide cross-section audience.  This is important because of the make-up of our congregation - we're one big family! While mostly contemporary in style (including such sources as Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, and Hillsong), we also sometimes draw upon more diverse elements, including the depth often found in hymns.

With different sources and styles, cohesion can be a challenge musically, but we work away at practice to get the variety of songs to gel effectively - it's surprising what can be done.  A team of individuals (with our own unique ways of playing/singing), such contributions still however work under the goals and direction of the worship leader.

As a team our general tone is relaxed, but it's also music with a purpose.  As well as being worship and encouragement oriented, it will also often tie in with the theme of the morning's message.  For a good Sunday morning, song selection is important, but perhaps more important than this, is having the right heart and attitude. 

A reasonably large team, we number around 30 rostered musicians and singers, with 6 or 7 additional people helping on audio and visual.  Practices are on a Thursday night; 6:45 'til around 8:30pm.  If you're interested in joining the team, please talk to Anne Falconer or Andrew Miller.

For further information, please contact the Chapel office 07-8718667 or email 
VISION: We aim to develop and use our talents to serve God and the Church. We also aim to draw people nearer to God through music.