Community Groups


Community Groups are made up of between 5 – 15 people which meet regularly in one anothers' homes.  Activities include interactive Bible studies, fellowship, fun, food and social nights. Occasionally these groups get involved in practical projects. 

There are around 16 adult Community Groups who meet on different nights of the week in town and in the surrounding locality reaching as far afield as Hamilton and Otorohanga. Anybody who would like to be in a Community Group from within or outside the church is welcome. Groups run once a week or fortnightly, usually from 7.30 – 9.30 p.m. Senior citizens have a day time group.

For more information please contact the Chapel Office on (07) 871 8667.


Vision -  We aim to provide a smaller, more personal unit where people can get to know each other, and to involve newer people in the church family. 

              We also aim to provide interactive biblical teaching relevant to where people are at in their lives at present.