Bible in Schools 

What We Do and What We're All About 
Bring Bible Teaching  (Religious Instruction) to Today's Children with weekly lessons in the classroom. In the Greater Waikato area there are 445 Bible in School teachers working in 127 schools, and there are 92 schools where B I S  is not held.

Who is it For
Primary school children

Weekly, in the classroom.

What makes it tick?
The motivation is to see the children develop an understanding of who God and Jesus are, and to encourage them to let Jesus into their hearts.

Who do I Contact
There are a number of Co-ordinators involved with individual  schools but the Area Co-ordinator is Rod Bent, phone (07) 871 5852 or email

Vision - To see "Today's Children" growing up with an understanding of the Bible that will ultimately lead them to a personal faith in Jesus.